Sell with us

Focus On Your Passion

Being a Food Maestro with The Lunch Club allows you to focus on your passion of crafting food. We at The Lunch Club will manage the rest!

Sell More

The Lunch Club focuses on group orders & catering (minimum order 6 pax). Now, you can earn more with each order!

Grow Your Business

As a Food Maestro with The Lunch Club, you benefit from business support including e-commerce capabilities and marketing. All designed to help grow your business while you focus on your food.

Join The Community

Be a part of this exciting community! With The Lunch Club, Food Maestros work together to develop the local, independent food industry.


Step 1:

Register your Food Maestro Account on

Step 2:

Once approved, you may start submitting spreads. Your are free to set your own perimeters for each spread uploaded including:
a.) Price per pax b.) Required lead time c.) Min/Max pax per order d.) If you require delivery assistance

Step 3:

We’ll review the spreads and let you know as soon as it’s uploaded and ready to be sold!