The Makanan Ringan

 Delivery Notice: 24hour(s)
 Min: 10pax
 RM 12.50 per pax

What You Get

Keropok Lekor: Traditional malay fish cracker snack served with chili sauce

Cucur Udang: Prawn Fritters served with chili sauce

Kiuh Lopis: Glutinous rice served with coconut toppin and gula melaka

Tembosa: Similar to curry puff, this originates from Johor. It's pastry is rather indulgent and it is filled with minced beef.


What To Expect

Food will be served in disposable packaging based on your selected preferred format. Food quantity served will be based on 1 adult meal portion per indicated pax ordered. Cutleries and napkins are provided with all meals

Sharing Plates: Great for buffet styled setups or around a dining table either at home or at team meals. Sharing plates allow guests to serve themselves with the snack of their choice. Paper plates included. [Meal Portion Size: Approximately 1 generous plate of snacks per person]