The Nasi Lemak Deluxe

 Delivery Notice: 72hour(s)
 Min: 10pax
 RM 18 per pax

What You Get

Classic nasi lemak cooked with love. Traditionally served at breakfast, Nasi Lemak is enjoyed around the clock. The quintessentially Malaysian meal of fragrant coconut and pandan infused rice, sweet-spicy anchovy sambal, fresh cucumber and roasted peanuts is accompanied by any one of the following

- Rich Chicken Curry

- Red Squid Curry

- Dry Beef Curry (Rendang)

What To Expect

Sharing Plates: Great for buffet styled setups or around a dining table at home or at team lunch. Sharing plates allow guests to serve themselves with foods of their choice. Paper plates included. [Meal Portion Size: Approximately 1 generous serving per person] 

Individually Packed Meals: Packed in single serving meal boxes, each guest grabs one and digs straight in!