Fresh Pairings

 Delivery Notice: 48hour(s)
 Min: 10pax
 RM 20 per pax

What You Get

A well rounded meal with hearty servings of pasta and fluffy muffins of seasonal flavours. Choose any two varieties from the following pasta types

Pasta 1: Aglio oglio pasta cooked with sliced chicken ham, cherry tomatoes, chili powder and chopped garlic, followed with a parsley garnish for the finishing. (Chicken)

Pasta 2: Aglio oglio pasta, cooked with cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and green pepper followed with a parsley garnish for the finishing. (Vegetarian)

What To Expect

Food will be served in disposable packaging based on your selected preferred format. Food quantity served will be based on 1 adult meal portion per indicated pax ordered. Cutleries and napkings are provided with all meals. 

Sharing Plates: Great for buffet styled setups or around a dining table either at home or at team meals. Sharing plates allow guests to serve themselves with pastas of their choice. Paper plates included. [Meal Portion Size: Approximately 1 generous plate of pasta and 1 muffin per person]

Individual Meals: Packed in single serve boxes, each guest chooses their desired pasta variety (1 type per pack!) ready to be dug into straight from the box. [Meal Portion Size: 1 main course per person]