Chic Tea Tasters

 Delivery Notice: 72hour(s)
 Min: 30pax
 RM 20 per pax

What You Get

Satisfy the tummy grumble and the sweet tooth. Who ever said you can't have it all?
- Mini french eclairs with fresh sweetened creme
- Mini baked baked cheesecakes
- Finger-sandwiches of chicken and egg varieties

What To Expect

Food will be served in disposable packaging based on your selected preferred format. Cutleries and napkins are provided with all spreads. Quantities per person: Approximately 1 piece of each pastry variety and 2 finger sandwiches.

Canape Buffet Style: Served in disposable cake boxes ready to be laid out for your guests to pick right out of. Great for mingling and standing events. 

Snack boxes: Individually packed snack boxes carry one piece of each pastry and 2 finger sandwiches. Suitable for grab-and-go situations such as tea-breaks at training sessions and kids for corporate events.